D-cup 78 Tn – Racing Technora Covered Double Braid

9.50per meter

product details:

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  • High Strength, Low Stretch Double Braid Dyneema
  • Core: 12 Strand Coated SK78 Dyneema® (Colour Matches The Cover)
  • Cover: 24 Plait HT Polyester & Technora®

All Colours Are Mottled With Black (Technora®)

Features & Uses

  • High Load All Round Uses
  • Increased grip on winches and clutches
  • Harder wearing
  • Ideal For Use As Sheets, Guys, Tacklines

6mm 950 28
8mm 1650 47
10mm 2550 74
12mm 3800 105
  • Available Diameters Ø6mm, Ø8mm, Ø10mm, Ø12mm
  • Supplier Alpha Ropes
  • Type of Rope Double Braid
  • Core Material Polyester
  • Cover Material HT Polyester with Cordura Grip Fibres
  • Spliceable Medium
  • Uses Dinghy Sheet, Trimlines – Handled, Yacht Cruising Halyard or Sheet